Tennessee Hunter Bags 47-Point Buck, A Potential World Record

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world record buck

Stephen Tucker

A Tennessee man just bagged a 47-point buck, and potentially netted himself a world record in the process.

The current world record is 38-points with a 307 5/8 net (total inches minus deductions), but Stephen Tucker, 26, of Gallatin, Tennessee’s 47-point buck is roughly one inch over the current world record.

So why is it a potential world record and not immediately recognized? Well, the way the rack of a deer is measured is rather unorthodox. I’ll let The Tennessean explain:

Racks are measured from side to side at the farthest points using the official Boone and Crockett scoring method. Grandstaff, an official Boone and Crockett scorer, measured the 47-point non-typical rack at 313 2/8-inches gross. The net score after deductions was 308 3/8.
A non-typical rack is asymmetrical and does not have the same number of points on each side like a typical rack.
Tucker’s deer is pending an official Boone and Crockett score by a panel, which will include Grandstaff and take place after the 60-day drying out period.
When we panel score it as a group we could come up with a similar score right at what it is now,” Grandstaff said. “It may be an inch less than what I have it at. It may be an inch or two or three more. It just depends on how we as a group decide it needs to be scored. Right now it’s a green score because I just wanted to give (Tucker) an idea because I knew he would get a thousand phone calls once word gets out and they’re all going to say, ‘What did it score?'”

world record buck

Stephen Tucker

So 1) it needs to be certified and 2) the unorthodox growth of the buck’s rack will lead to multiple deductions, and the ruling panel needs to see this rack firsthand before making any decisions.

When I tried to reach out for comment, the rest of the deer population in America had this response:

You can see a picture of the isolated rack HERE on Outdoors360.

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