6-Foot-5, 455-Pound Freshman TCU Lineman Has College Football Fans Freaking Out

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Football, especially at the Division I and professional level, is a game that is typically played by very, very large individuals.

That much is evident when you watch games on TV or in person, but especially so if you ever get the chance to walk the sidelines during a game.

But sometimes there are individuals who are larger than life. So much so that they make the other large human beings around them look small.

Take, for instance, Florida defensive tackle Desmond Watson. Watson is listed at 6-foot-5, 415 pounds and played nose tackle for the Gators a year ago.

But even he pails in comparison to TCU freshman offensive lineman Brione Ramsey-Brooks.

Brooks, a Dallas native, is listed at a jaw-dropping 6-foot-5 and 455 (!!!) pounds.

And lest you think that’s an exaggeration, we have both the photo and video evidence to prove it.

Ramsey was a three-star recruit in class of 2023 according to 247Sports and helped South Oak Cliff High School to a state championship in 2021.

He signed with the Horned Frogs over offers from schools such as Oregon, Louisville and Arizona.

College football fans from across the country immediately at the sheer massiveness of Ramsey-Brooks, and many are already calling themselves fans of his.

“This young man is my favorite athlete of all time,” one Twitter user said.

I have recently discovered my new favorite athlete. His name is Brione ‘Big Bubba’ Ramsey-Brooks. He’s a 6’5, 455 (!!) lb freshman OL for TCU. And he eats defenders for quite literally every meal,” said another.

Now, it’s not uncommon for larger than life football players to be referred to as “space eaters.” But we’re not even sure that term would do Ramsey-Brooks justice.

We can’t wait for him to step on the field for the Horned Frogs. And hopefully TCU and Florida play one another in the next few years/