This 71-Year-Old Powerlifter Set 4 New World Records In One Day And Will Make Anyone Feel Weak As Hell

71-year-old powerlifting world record setter

Instagram / @rudykadlub

Rudy Kadlub is a badass grandpa.

The 71-year-old set four world records at the Drug-Tested North American Championships, sponsored by the United States Powerlifting Association.

Weighing in at 222 pounds, Kadlub set three world records by squatted 430 pounds, bench pressing 303 pounds, and hitting 518 pounds in the deadlift.

According to the International Powerlifting League, the total weight lifted of 1,251 pounds earned Kadlub another world record.

Kadlub posted one of his lifts to Instagram, captioning the video:

“Good day at USPA Drug-Tested North American Championships in San Diego,” Kadlub wrote on Instagram on Monday, sharing videos of his three lifts.

“430 Squat, 303 bench, 518 Deadlift, 1251 total.

All World Records @ 71 years of age, 222lb body weight. Now hold all world records at 198, 220 and 242lb. weight classes.”

Kadlub only started competitive powerlifting 16 years ago and has since set more than 20 world records in his weight class.

And just to hammer home the fact that Rudy is a bad ass, check him out celebrating his 71st birthday with “whiskey and weights.”


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