A Racecar Driver was Arrested for Drunk Driving. While He Was, You Know, Racing a Car

A racecar driver named Leslie Charles Hunter was recently arrested for driving under the influence. The kicker, as this post has already informed you, was that he was also racing. 

Via Bleacher Report and the Santa Cruz Sentinel 

Leslie Charles Hunter was arrested for driving under the influence. So far, nothing that would cause sports fans to turn their heads, until you find out that he was allegedly drunk while racing.

The Calvin Men of the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that the 65-year-old race car driver caused some of his fellow racers to complain about his driving.

That led to an on-site investigation from officers who found that Hunter may have enjoyed some adult beverages before the race.


There were complaints that Leslie Charles Hunter was driving recklessly while driving in a race at the speedway around 8:20 p.m., officer Jacob Gonzales said.

Gonzales, who responded to the complaint, said he found Hunter in the pit area of the venue after the race.

Hunter had just completed a race, Gonzales said. Witnesses said Hunter's driving forced other drivers off or to the side of the track.


Not sure how that'd help win a race. Racecar driving is no beer pong. Also, what a douchewad for endangering everyone else in such a pretty ridiculous way. Major upside down crushed blue cup for this guy. 

[H/T: Bleacher Report]