Aaron Donald’s Wife May Have Started A New Trend After Getting Her Own SB LVI Ring

Aaron and Erica Donald

Getty Image / Jon Kopaloff

Aaron Donald’s wife, Erica, potentially created a new trend as she got her own version of the Los Angeles Rams‘ Super Bowl LVI ring.

No, the franchise did not give her a ring. Instead, she went out of her way and got some of her own bling to share with her husband.

According to TMZ, “Erica Donald hit up celeb ice-maker Moe Diamonds last year with the idea that she should have a piece similar to Aaron’s — after the Rams superstar got his for beating Joe Burrow and the Bengals in February 2022.”

As a result, Aaron Donald’s wife now has her own Super Bowl ring that’s completely decked out in Rams colors. It also features Donald’s jersey number and some extra tidbits to represent the city of LA.

TMZ provides the exact details of what Erica Donald’s ring consists of.

“The ring is filled with VS-VVS diamonds, yellow and blue sapphires matching Rams colors and it also has an F-color marquise center diamond that looks just like a football. The iced-out item also features Donald’s initials, his No. 99 jersey number, the letters SBLVI, and palm trees to represent Los Angeles.”

For anyone interested to know what it looks like, Moe Diamonds shared a quick video of Erica Donald’s Super Bowl ring on his Instagram.

Reports also indicate that the ring consists of 3 carats of diamonds and was appraised at $17,000. Now that is some serious bling!

The celeb jeweler loves the piece he made for Aaron Donald’s wife. So much so, that he hopes more wives and girlfriends of pro sports athletes follow Erica’s footsteps, via TMZ.

“I created a lady’s Super Bowl ring. Aaron Donald’s wife was the first person to receive it for the Super Bowl the Rams won. We are working on making it a trend for the wives/girlfriends to get a ring.”

This very well could become the new norm, as Erica Donald is clearly a trendsetter.