Aaron Judge Proves His Worth After Joining Mickey Mantle And Babe Ruth In Exclusive Yankees Company

Aaron Judge Joins Mickey Mantle And Babe Ruth In Exclusive Club

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  • New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge continues to crush baseballs.
  • Judge just showed his worth even more after joining an exclusive club. 
  • Oh, and the other members of this club are Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth. That is terrific company.

The New York Yankees are going to have a tough time meeting Aaron Judge’s contract demands if he continues to rake like this.

On Wednesday, Judge hit another home run, giving him 25 on the season and a commanding lead over the second-place guys — Austin Riley, Byron Buxton, and Pete Alonso all have 18.

Judge is also Top 10 in the MLB in batting average with a .313 clip so far and fourth in RBIs with 49. Plain and simple, Judge is showing why he deserves to be one of the highest-paid players in the MLB.

Aaron Judge Joined Exclusive Company That Consists Of Mickey Mantle And Babe Ruth

The Yankees have a ton of legends, and now Judge’s name is etched into record books next to two all-time greats: Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth.

Judge deserves to be paid, and at this pace, he is going to be putting his name in more Yankees record books.

The Yankees probably should have given him the bag already. Can you imagine what happens if Judge gets to 60 home runs?

Right now, he’s more than on pace for that number.