Aaron Judge, Vlad Guerrero Jr., And Starling Marte Get Sick New Rides Ahead Of MLB Season

Aaron Judge

Getty Image / New York Yankees

The 2023 MLB Opening Day is just a few short days away. Some of the league’s biggest stars are sticking with the time-honored tradition of showing up on Day 1 driving up to the ballpark in incredible cars.

Alex Vega of ‘The Auto Firm’ in Miami is one of the most trusted names in luxury auto customization. Athletes flock to his shop in Miami in droves to turn their otherwise ordinary luxury cars into something new and unique.

It must be an incredibly busy time of year for Alex Vega because he’s just completed customization jobs for MLB star Aaron Judge, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Starling Marte.

Toronto Blue Jays all-star Vlad Guerrero Jr. had his Mercedes Benz GLE63 completely blacked out in a satin black, blue interior, and he added AV58 Forged Wheels.

New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge brought in his Audi RS Q8 to be customized. He wrapped it in a cream color paint and covered the chrome in black paint.

Aaron Judge is set to earn $40,000,000 this season.

And Dominican/NY Mets outfielder Starling Marte brought his Rolls Royce Cullinan to The Auto Firm for an overhaul. They did a satin black top, glossy red bottom, and blacked-out wheels.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan starts at around $382,000 (retail). Starling Marte has earned over $61 million so far in his career and is set to earn $22 million this season, so he can afford it.

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