Is Aaron Rodgers Riding Around Green Bay In The Bed Of A Truck With A Case Of Beer?

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Despite all of the rumors that Aaron Rodgers hates his teammates and can’t stand Green Bay, a video surfaced on Thursday that appears to show him making the most of it. The timeline for which it was filmed is unknown, but at some point this past year, a man that certainly looks like Rodgers hopped in the bed of a truck and rode around the city with a case of beer.

We may never find out if the video is actually the 16-year NFL veteran having himself a day, but the evidence is pretty clear. For starters, it sure as heck looks like him.

Aaron Rodgers Beer

In addition, a few Green Bay folk on the world wide web seem to recognize the truck and pin it back to Rodgers’ left tackle David Bakhtiari. One man, named Mitch, went so far as to say he saw the red GMC at Festival Foods a couple of times.

I had never heard of Festival Foods before, but a quick google search would tell you that it’s a Wisconsin-based grocery store. That math adds up. Much like the Packers, it is family- and employee-owned, which is super cool. But I digress.

If it is Bakhtiari, that would make a lot of sense, as the two are noted beer drinkers and openly like one another.

Assuming that it is Rodgers in the video, which it is, we can now confirm that he is a Bud Light guy. The case that he has in his hands is an 18-pack of the low-cal beverage, and it goes to show how important he takes his diet during the season.

Perhaps the biggest question, however, is why he chose to ride in the bed? Is that legal?

Yes, it is legal for anyone over the age of 16 to ride in the bed of a truck in Wisconsin. It makes sense when the weather is nice, but Rodgers was riding back there no earlier than October. Leaves are off of the trees, making it a dead giveaway. Green Bay’s average temperature in October around 49 degrees, dropping to 37 in November and well below 30 in December. He braved the cold for those beers, making them all that much more enjoyable with every sip.