Sauce Gardner Paints Hysterically Somber Mental Image By Fake Smoking Weed Without Aaron Rodgers

Sauce Gardner is still doing his viral handshake, even without Aaron Rodgers
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Sauce Gardner and Aaron Rodgers were supposed to be two of the most important players in the NFL this season with New York’s playoffs hopes on riding on their shoulders. That is no longer the case for the latter.

Rodgers is out for the year after rupturing his achilles on the fourth offensive snap of his first regular season game with the Jets. Brutal.

Gardner was drafted with the fourth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft and spent his first season locking down opposing wide receivers. That included the Packers on the road.

Gardner was among those most excited about the Rodgers acquisition, even before it became official.

But now it is back to Zach Wilson.

That may not be the worst thing for New York. Its defense looks elite and its third-year quarterback has reportedly showed a lot of improvement during the offseason.

Wilson’s advancement was not on display during Monday’s surprising overtime win over Buffalo, but he could prove the haters wrong with a strong year. We shall see.

Although the Jets need to rally around its new (old) quarterback, it is hard not to get caught up in the Rodgers injury. There was so much hope as legitimate Super Bowl contenders and much of that wind has been sucked out of their sails.

Sauce Gardner painted a sad, but funny mental image.

Rodgers broke his silence on Wednesday and posted on Instagram. He seemingly confirmed his intention to return to the gridiron with a quote from Batman.

Gardner responded back to Rodgers in the comment section and said that he did their handshake without him during practice. Their handshake, which went viral during the offseason, involves a fake blunt and/or joint.

They even hit (pun intended) it on national television after Rodgers took the field for his debut.

Aaron Rodgers is no longer practicing with the team. Gardner had to dap himself up and chief the bleezy on his own.

For Gardner to do the handshake without Rodgers is equally as sad as it is funny. Imagining him without anyone to which he can pass the imaginary blunt is so somber. At the same time, though, Gardner continuing to fake burn it down in honor of his fallen quarterback is pretty hilarious.