Aaron Rodgers Says Injury Was ‘Toughest 24 Hours’ Of His Life, Paints Defiant Picture: ‘Give Me Your Doubts’

aaron rodgers warming up for the jets

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Aaron Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on Friday afternoon, marking his first public appearance since suffering an Achilles injury against the Buffalo Bills on Monday.

According to Rodgers, who had surgery in Los Angeles, the 24 hours after his injury was “one of the toughest stretches” he’s had in his life.

The future Hall of Famer also unequivocally confirmed his intention to return to the Jets next season.

“Monday was an amazing day to start. Amazing night, running on the field with the flag, was electric. And then it turned into one of the toughest 24-hour stretches I’ve had in my life. A lot of sadness, a lot of tears, a lot of dark frustration and anger, and the gamut of emotions,” Rodgers said

“But the sun rose the next day and I found myself in L.A., and I had surgery on Wednesday and since then I’ve been feeling better.”

Rodgers also said on McAfee that he wants people to give him “the doubts, the timetables, all the things you think can, should, or will happen because all I need is that one little extra percent of inspiration.”

“Give me your doubts and prognostications and watch what I do… stack all the odds against me and see what happens.”

Furthermore, while Rodgers didn’t make any official proclamations, he did respond with the famed Kevin Garnett quote “Anything is possible” when asked if he could be healthy in time for the playoffs.

If the Jets did qualify for the playoffs, that would give Rodgers about four months to recover from the injury, which is about half of the usual time that Achilles rehab takes, which is usually in the neighborhood of 8 to 12 months.

Rodgers also indicated that he’s looking forward to returning to New Jersey to be with the team and begin his rehab process.

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