Aaron Rodgers Slams ESPN’s Adam Schefter And Diana Russini During Pat McAfee Interview

Aaron Rodgers angry on the field

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Aaron Rodgers is officially fed up with ESPN’s reporters.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rodgers appeared on the Pat McAfee show to discuss his NFL future.

During the appearance, Rodgers revealed that he wanted to continue playing football and wanted to play for the NY Jets because he felt the Packers indicated that they wanted to part ways.

Rodgers also addressed several other rumors about him circulating in the media.

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Diana Russini reported that the Jets were given a wish list of players to acquire by Rodgers.

Rodgers was asked about the wish list during his interview with McAfee, and he sent a message to Adam Schefter and Russini.

“Ask Schefter what I texted him when he somehow got my number and texted, I didn’t respond to Diana Russini, but I would say the same thing that I told Schefter, lose my number.”

Schefter would later confirm Rodgers’ text.

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