Trade Charts Show The Jets Actually Got A Good Deal On Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers throwing a pass

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On Monday, after seemingly endless months of posturing and negotiations, the New York Jets and the Green Bay Packers finally agreed to a trade for future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

In addition to the QB, the Packers sent the Jets the 15th overall pick in the first round of this year’s draft and a conditional 5th round pick in 2024, while the Jets gave the Packers the 13th pick in their year’s draft, the 42nd pick (a second-rounder), and a sixth-round pick (107 overall).

As pointed out by ProFootballTalk, the bottom line of the trade — except the exchange of the four-time MVP signal-caller, of course — is that the Packers have netted an early 2nd round pick from the deal.

“Based on the old Jimmy Johnson trade chart, the swap of those five picks nets the Packers the equivalent of about the 34th pick in the 2023 draft,” says ProFootballTalk.

“But while some teams still use the Jimmy Johnson chart, it is seen by many as outdated, and some newer charts better reflect how much draft picks are actually worth. In this case, however, the newer charts don’t diverge all that much from the Jimmy Johnson chart. Based on the Rich Hill chart, the Packers net the equivalent of about the 38th pick in the 2023 draft. Based on the Brad Spielberger-Jason Fitzgerald chart, the Packers net the equivalent of about the 44th pick in the 2023 draft.”

From the Jets’ perspective — they currently own the longest playoff drought in the league and haven’t played in a Super Bowl since the late 1960s — landing a player of Rodgers’ caliber for what amounts to a second-round pick is a decent piece of business.

Despite his relative struggles with the Packers during the 2022 season that saw him throw more interceptions than he had in over a decade, Rodgers — who will be wearing the No. 8 with the Jets — will undoubtedly be the best quarterback to ever suit up for the infamously moribund franchise.

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