A New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Star Had To Publicly Apologize For Banging A Woman In An Airplane Bathroom

Damn. Getting busted having sex in an airplane bathroom is bad enough, but to have to apologize publicly like Aaron Smith of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team had to do? That’s just brutal.

Now you may be asking, why on earth did Smith have to apologize publicly for something a lot of people have done? I know this because I asked the very same question.

Turns out that (a) the girl he was boinking in the bathroom was not his current girlfriend, (b) he was actually suspended for one game for this “infraction” and (c) THIS WAS A NATIONAL NEWS STORY in New Zealand with the freaking Prime Minister even getting involved.

Talk about paying the price for getting a little action.

Reports TMZ

Multiple witnesses say they saw Smith (who has a girlfriend) and a mystery woman sneak into a handicap accessible toilet at Christchurch airport in New Zealand last month.

One witness was with his young son and told the media, “It was obvious what was happening.”

The team suspended Smith for 1 game and the Prime Minister of New Zealand said he “embarrassed himself.”

Now, Smith has issued a public apology — saying, “I’ve made a huge mistake. A huge error in judgment.”

This… is that apology…


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