Adam Scott Might be the New ‘Bachelor’

Apparently, ABC has dreams of making the Aussie the next “Bachelor.”

Robert Mills, the reality dating show's producer, first proposed the idea on Twitter, writing, “So……Adam Scott as the next #Bachelor?? What say you, #Bachelornation?”

Chris Harrison was totally on board, joking about the golfer's hypothetical quest for love. “Yep it's now officially the most dramatic #Masters ever!” he quipped, adding, “Rumors this will be settled in a hot tub instead of replaying 18th #Masters”

Fans were, understandably, thrilled by the prospect of seeing gratuitous shirtless shots of the golfer. “The Adam Scott as #Bachelor idea has exploded,” the show's producer tweeted. “Will try and meet.”

Are we having fun yet?

[H/T: E!]