Adidas’ New ‘Made in March’ Basketball Unis Are Simple, But Still Look Really Cool

Over the years, companies have tried to get all fancy with their uniform designs by adding a bunch of bells and whistles that actually make the jerseys look uglier and less appealing. But adidas just nailed it with their most recent release—the “Made in March” collection, which will be worn by their nine partnering schools during the most exciting time in college hoops.

The schools—Arizona State, Indiana, Kansas, Miami, Mississippi State, NC State, Nebraska, Texas A&M and UCLA—all have a legit shot at some sort of postseason tourney, so adidas designed an elegant looking uniform for each that is both plain and classy, with the waistbands on the shorts paying homage to each schools’ tradition. See for yourself:

While some may argue these are boring and too old school, they sure beat the hell out of the highlighter and slashes uniform look that the company had teams wear in the past, so kudos to adidas for scaling it back and keeping things simple.

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