Floyd Mayweather Punked & Humbled Adin Ross During Live Stream

Adin Ross and Floyd Mayweather

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Popular treamer Adin Ross was humbled by Floyd Mayweather.

For the past week, Ross and his friends have been training at Miami’s BOXR gym.

During one session, Ross got dropped by boxing phenom Ryan Garcia.

Ross would later try to connect with Mayweather during his live stream at the BOXR gym, but Mayweather immediately instructed him to turn off his camera.

Mayweather, who had no idea who Ross was, asked Ross how much money he would pay him to participate in his live stream.

“You can’t film me for free, where’s my check?” yelled Mayweather while off camera.

A dejected Ross walked away in shame after his interaction with Mayweather during his live stream.

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