Alabama Baseball Fires HC After Suspicious Betting Activity

Alabama baseball cap

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The college baseball world is in a bit of shock right now after the Alabama Crimson Tide announced the firing of its head coach.

However, the situation may be linked to the recent reports of suspicious betting activity that took place several days ago.

According to Mike Rodak, Alabama has officially let go of head coach Brad Bohannon.

The program released an official statement after the firing. However, there was no mention of the suspicious betting activity within the statement.

ESPN reported on Monday that Ohio’s licensed sports book halted bets on Alabama baseball for their game against LSU.

Now, just days later, the Crimson Tide remove their head coach from the program. Although Alabama never connects the two stories in their announcement, it’s hard not to connect the dots.

With that said it’s rather unclear what Brad Bohannon’s role may (or may not) have been.

This has been quite the year for Alabama sports in general. It seems nearly every sport has dealt with some kind of legal trouble.

And it’s not like this is the only issue going on with the Alabama baseball team, per

“The betting probe comes weeks after [Brad] Bohannon and [Jason] Jackson were sued by a former player, along with UA’s athletic trainer Sean Stryker, due to alleged mistreatment after an injury.”

Perhaps more answers will come to light in the coming days. But it’s not looking good for the Crimson Tide right now.