Alabama Fans Are Down Horrendously Watching The Crimson Tide Against South Florida

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Maybe Alabama coach Nick Saban was on to something when he asked a fan for help fixing his team on Thursday night.

The legendary Crimson Tide coach was searching for answers after his team’s 34-24 home loss to the Texas Longhorns.

“Well, PeeWee, I’ve been wanting to talk to you all week, man,” Saban said to the delight of the live crowd at his radio show. “I mean, we’ve got to firm up the pocket. We’re setting too soft. We’re getting pushed back in the middle. Everybody thinks we can’t hold up against the blitz, but they’re sacking us with four-man rush, one three-man rush. Only one sack came off a pressure. So I wanted to ask you ‘what the hell’s going on.’”

Apparently the answer he found was at the quarterback position.

Bama started Notre Dame transfer Tyler Buchner in place of former starter Jalen Milroe for Saturday’s game against South Florida.

But the early returns weren’t great, as it seems Buchner was unable to fix whatever is ailing the Tide.

South Florida took an early 3-0 lead in the contest and held that lead through the entirety of the first quarter. And Alabama fans were just about ready to jump off a bridge when the quarter ended.

“We are dumb, fat and weak,” one fan said on the message board

“We’re so bad at football. Good lord,” said another.

And it didn’t stop there. Some fans questioned whether the Tide would even win six games this season.

“We might not even be bowl eligible,”  a poster who goes by the name FootLong wrong.

While it’s likely that Bama does, in fact, win six games (and probably far more), it’s definitely not the type of Alabama team that fans have become accustomed to.

And Jalen Hurts, Derrick Henry and Will Anderson aren’t walkin’ through that door.