Alabama Fan Paralyzed During HS Football Game Is A Legend For His First Words After Coming Off Ventilator

Paralyzed Football Player's First Words After Coma Were 'Roll Tide'

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It’s virtually impossible to watch a football game without being treated to at least a couple of reminders about the inherently dangerous nature of the sport, which has thankfully been mitigated thanks to advances in equipment and technology but still lurks beneath the surface of every play.

That reality was highlighted earlier this month after an awful incident unfolded in Minnestoa when Ethan Glynn, a 15-year-old  freshman from the town of Bloomington, was rushed to the hospital after suffering what has been described as “a severe neck and spinal cord injury that has left him paralyzed from the shoulders down” after making a tackle during his first game as a Jefferson High School football player.

Glynn has spent the past couple of weeks in the hospital after undergoing multiple surgeries, and his family has provided a steady stream of updates as he’s continued to get back his strength. While he was able to communicate with the help of a tablet, he was unable to speak due to the ventilator he needed to breathe until earlier this week—and he cemented his status as a Certified Legend thanks to the first words he uttered when it was removed.

While Glynn lives in Minnesota, he’s a diehard Alabama football fan; he got the chance to listen to a recap of the Crimson Tide’s game against Utah State shortly after he was injured, “which resulted in a huge smile and a head nod when he heard the final score.”

He also got to see his team squeak out a win over Texas on Saturday, and when he finally got the chance to talk after the ventilator was removed on Monday, he went with a couple of words that highlight just how much he loves ‘Bama: “Roll Tide”:

“We had a quiet weekend filled with lots of football and some much-needed rest.  Ethan continues to amaze everyone with his grit and determination.  Never have we been so excited to hear the words “roll tide”….today they removed E from the vent and those were the first words out of his mouth. 

The smile and twinkle in his eyes is priceless.  This was a huge step, and we couldn’t be more thankful to reach this milestone at this point.  He still has a long journey but this week is off to a great start!”

You love to see it.

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