Unsuspecting Reporter Comes Across Alex Ovechkin Filling His Gas Tank Ahead Of The Blizzard

Alexander Ovechkin

Getty Image / Mike Carlson

Totally commonplace for reporters to hang around gas stations and interview patrons stocking up on gas before a huge snowstorm. Classic prime time coverage tactic.

Totally NOT commonplace to walk up to aforementioned interview prospect and realize it’s Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin. The Caps’ winger was caught filling up next to what looks like a Benz by Ellison Barber, a reporter for D.C.’s WUSA channel 9.


And being the swell, totally used to snow because he’s from Russia guy that he is, he obliged and gave Barber a decent interview.

See, Ovi needs gas just like you and me!

Except he scores goals that make you yell “SWEET DEKES ALMIGHTY” and currently sits at No. 2 on the list for NHL goal leaders this season.

Nevertheless, bro is stocking up for #Blizzard2016 just like the rest of us.

[via WUSA9/Ellison Barber]