NFL Fans React To Alex Smith’s Very Honest Advice For Carson Wentz In Washington

NFL Fans React To Alex Smith's Very Honest Advice For Carson Wentz

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  • Alex Smith offered up some perspective and advice for Carson Wentz heading into his first season in Washington.
  • NFL fans had an interesting reaction to what Smith had to say.
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Having played two seasons in Washington, Alex Smith knows what it’s like playing for the team in the nation’s capital. Given his past experiences in Washington, Smith has offered up some advice for the franchise’s new QB, Carson Wentz.

Smith was a guest on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ on Thursday morning and Eisen asked him what words of advice he would have for Wentz. Instead of going with generic player speak, Smith got very honest about the situation.

“I think you gotta try to eliminate the noise there. There’s a lot of noise,” Smith told Eisen.

“There’s a lot of distractions in that entire organization, everything surrounding it. Obviously deservedly, it’s been flawed the last 20 years. There’s a lot of stuff going on there, it makes it kind of different to focus on the football.”

Smith certainly isn’t lying when he says “there’s a lot of noise” within the Washington organization.

Team owner Dan Snyder has been in the middle of multiple investigations over the years, some still ongoing, which is almost certainly what Smith is referring to. Then, of course, you have the fact that the team played last season without a name. That’s not a distraction really, but certainly something different.

NFL fans had interesting reactions to Smith being so honest with his advice for Wentz: