NFL QB Alex Smith’s Family Lives ‘Scan To Scan’ After Daughter’s Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Alex Smith

Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Former NFL quarterback Alex Smith and his family are enduring a heart-wrenching journey, living life “scan to scan” after their daughter, Sloane, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2022.

Alex Smith, who played on the 49ers, Chiefs and Commanders, shared the distressing situation with The New York Times.

Sloane, now seven years old, has faced the alarming challenges of her condition, including two seizures that shook her family to its core.

Alex Smith, who fought back from a life-threatening on-field injury in 2018, spoke candidly about the helplessness he experienced when Sloane underwent an emergency craniotomy to remove the tumor.

“It’s different when it’s your little girl, and you’re helpless with how terrifying that is,” Smith expressed, reflecting the profound emotional toll this ordeal has taken on their family.

The Smith family has already endured significant trials in recent years. Alex Smith’s remarkable journey saw him recover from a severe injury to return to the NFL, winning Comeback Player of the Year award before retiring from professional football. However, their current struggle poses an entirely different set of challenges.

As the Smiths navigate this difficult chapter in their lives, the thoughts and prayers of countless individuals are with them, wishing for Sloane’s recovery and the family’s well-being.