Switzerland Women’s Soccer Star Alisha Lehmann Is The Social Media Sensation You Don’t Know About

Alisha Lehmann

Getty Image / Nathan Stirk

There plenty of American female athletes that have huge social media followings. Whether it’s Olivia Dunne, Paige Spiranac, Alex Morgan, Simone Biles, or countless others, these athletes have turned their talents into huge followings and big bucks. And, their European counterpart is Swiss soccer star and Aston Villa forward Alisha Lehman.

Alisha Lehmann’s social media following puts many of those mentioned athletes to shame. She has an astounding 13.4 million Instagram followers and 8.6 million on Tiktok. In comparison, Dunne has around 11.5 million combined.

She’s a cultural sensation in Europe. Much of it stems from her former relationship with fellow Swiss soccer star Ramona Bachmann. The two faced off in a match when Bachmann was at Chelsea and Lehmann was at West Ham, and the storyline was featured in the BBC show World’s Youngest Football Boss. The relationship was followed by many, but the couple broke up in 2021. She was dating Aston Villa Men’s star midfielder Douglas Luiz, but they split late last year, with rumors that Luiz was upset that Alisha Lehmann had done a pretty revealing calendar shoot.

But, she’s a wonderful footballer as well. Alisha Lehmann has 42 goals in 145 games in her club career, and has another seven for the Swiss national team that will play in the World Cup this summer in Australia and New Zealand. She has made four appearances for the team this year, and likely will make the squad.

But, you’re all here for some Instagram pictures of Alisha Lehmann.


Her star is only going to grow in America during this Summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup which starts July 20.

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