Rumored NFL Girlfriend Alix Earle Drops Jaws On Instagram With Bikini Pics

Alix Earle influencer

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Alix Earle may or may not still be dating Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios anymore. But the social media star is still out here turning everybody’s heads

Earle, 22, rose to fame on TikTok with her “Get Ready With Me” videos.

She then became a popular name in the sports world when it was rumored that she was dating Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios.

Berrioes allegedly cheated on then-girlfriend Olivia Culpo with Earle before the two officially became a couple this summer when they walked the red carpet together at the ESPYs.

However, their relationship may not have lasted very long. Earle allegedly cheated on Berrios with a 17-year-old and the two have not been photographed or seen together since the incident.

A screenshot shared on Instagram by ‘teatoktalk’ shows the influencer allegedly responding to a comment on her TikTok which simply said, “SEVENTEEN??????????”

“Just as shocked as you are,” Alix reportedly replied, insinuating she was unaware that Sebastian was still a minor.

Follower didn’t buy the excuse.

“Nah. It’s your responsibility as the adult to make sure,” one person commented. “You are older which means you were in a position of power. You are at faul, ytou are a creep.”

Another said, “She was hanging around him and his family prior to all this and you mean to tell me she didn’t do a social media check on the guy?”

Earle survived that scandal however. And she did so with her social media superstardom in tact.

She still boasts over three millions followers on Instagram and went viral again on the weekend.

Earle posted a picture of herself sports a jaw-dropping orange bikini while enjoying a “boat day.”

Within days, the post picked up nearly 500,000 likes. So 17-year-old or not, Earle is clearly still living her best life.