Allen Iverson Claims He Would Have Been Better At Football And His Highlight Tape Backs It Up

Allen Iverson Football

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Allen Iverson is an NBA Hall of Famer with 11 All-Star game appearances, four scoring titles and an MVP to his name. And yet, the 46-year-old claims that he could have been even better at football than he was at basketball.

Iverson joined Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast earlier this week and said that football was his first love. He also said that he would have had a better career on the gridiron than the hardwood.

Iverson, who played 14 years with the 76ers, Nuggets, Pistons and Grizzlies, made quite the bold claim. It would be hard to top his basketball career.

However, before Iverson stopped playing football in high school, his basketball accomplishments were equally as, if not more impressive than his accomplishments with the pigskin.

Football phenom.

As a sophomore at Bethel High School in Virgina, AI was named the starting quarterback. He also started on defense as a defensive back and returned kicks. All of that was in addition to starting at point guard on the basketball team.

During his junior year, Iverson led Bethel to Virginia state championships in both sports. He also earned the AP High School Player of the Year award in both sports and was heavily recruited in both sports.

Thus, for Iverson to claim that he could have been better as a football player is not particularly far-fetched. To further his point, he posted a highlight tape from his high school football days and it’s impressive.

Imagining an alternate world where one of the best point guards in NBA history played football is difficult, but it sure would have been fun.

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