Amateur Boxer Couldn’t Beat Rival In Ring So He Did What Any Total Psychopath Would Do

You know those times where you have a thought that might be a little bit too crazy but, because it’s only in your mind, you kind of just take it with a grain of salt—even though you still think it might have crossed the line? Yeah, amateur boxer Darrell Telisme doesn’t have that filter.

That’s because the 23-year-old Florida man was arrested after police say he went to the house of his longtime sparring partner and rival, Stan Stanisclasse, and shot him in the head, killing the guy early Thanksgiving morning.

According to the police report, Telisme was pissed off that Stanisclasse was the better fighter and had won every fight the two ever had, so the perpetrator decided that knocking his longtime opponent out for good would be the best way to end things.

Here’s what the Palm Beach Post had to add about the incident:

On Wednesday night, the two men brawled outside a pizza shop in downtown West Palm Beach, where they headed to celebrate Thanksgiving together, according to detectives.

fter Telisme lost, the men went their separate ways until Telisme showed up Thanksgiving morning with a .45-caliber pistol, witnesses told police.

One witness heard Stanisclasse shout from inside the home: “The fight is over. It’s squashed.”

When Stanisclasse opened the door, Telisme fired once, the sheriff’s office reports.

Cops tracked down and arrested Telisme later that day, charging him with first-degree murder and carrying a concealed weapon. He remains behind bars—which, after hearing about this, is probably the best spot for a crazy bastard like himself to be.

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