Amazon In Talks For ESPN Streaming Service; Most Expensive In The US


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Amazon has entered into preliminary discussions with Walt Disney regarding a potential collaboration on the streaming version of ESPN.

The talks also involve the possibility of Amazon acquiring a minority stake in the sports network, according to a report by TheInformation.

As part of the ongoing negotiations, both Disney and ESPN are actively evaluating pricing strategies for the upcoming streaming service.

The collaboration aims to tap into the growing market of sports enthusiasts who prefer consuming content through digital platforms.

The report adds that ESPN is contemplating a subscription fee ranging from $20 to $35 per month for the streaming service.

If implemented at the higher end of this range, it could potentially position the service as the most expensive streaming option available in the United States.

The discussions come at a time when streaming services have seen a significant rise in demand, leading to an influx of partnerships and innovations across the industry.

If the Amazon-Disney collaboration moves forward, it could mark a notable shift in the streaming landscape, bringing together the resources and expertise of two major players in their respective domains.