Watch UFC Fighters Train On ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Obstacles And Make Mount Midoriyama Their Bitch

I’ve never before considered how natural of a relationship there is between UFC and American Ninja Warrior training until, but after watching these bros completely beast some of the Mount Midoriyama obstacles it’s all clicked in my mind.

The compound movements that go into completing American Ninja Warrior obstacles are straight up insane, and UFC fighters are going to see just as much gains from those exercises as anyone else in the world, only they’ve already got the muscle development to successfully complete the American Ninja Warrior challenges. I do find it a bit convenient that they only really showed the UFC fighters completing the obstacles, and cut out the shots in which these guys failed miserably. But as we can see from this shot around 7-minutes those UFC bros actually failed quite a few tasks, aside from Cowboy and Dodson who were pretty much beasting everything: