Croatian Soccer Star And Social Media Sensation Ana Markovic Stuns In Pink Swimsuit

Croatia seal

Getty Image / Buda Mendes

It’s been a big last 12 months for Croatian women related to soccer. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup in December in Qatar, television cameras were seemingly glued to Croatian model Ivana Knoll. She was deemed Miss Croatia and became an international sensation. But, the original female Crotaian soccer sensation is Ana Markovic.

Unlike Knoll, Ana Markovic is quite the footballer herself. The forward plays professionally in Switzerland for the club Grasshopper. And, she’s also been capped for the Croatian national team eleven times, scoring for the team against Moldova in the FIFA World Cup Qualifying back in 2021.

The 23-year-old has built up quite the social media following, as well. Her Instagram has nearly 500,000 followers, with an international audience attracted to her footballing skills as well as her conventionally attractive looks.

She’s also the founder of a company that sells vegan protein water, whatever that means. Isn’t all water vegan? I digress. Anyways, the company is called Reloadz and it sells the product in Europe.

Let’s face it. She’s most-known for making viral instagram posts, and that’s what she did this week with this post.

in just 16 hours it has nearly 15,000 likes, a pretty impressive total.

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