Andre The Giant Attempting To Jump Off The Top Rope Is Something You Don’t See Every Day — AND THANK GOD

Andre The Giant, the biggest attraction in wrestling for decades, was known for many things — his drinking ability, his handsome face and his massive dong but a man 7’4″ can’t be good at everything. While Andre was able to move about the ring with a certain gargantuan grace, he wasn’t exactly always…how to put this..well sometimes he was fucking painful to watch. Especially in those final years when his back was shot.

But my God. My sweet God this sequence is awful. Andre coming off the second rope¬†gets funnier every time. I have to believe he never intended to go all the way to the top but it sure looks like he’s trying, right? For a brief moment, after his foot slides off the second turnbuckle, I feel like he got caught up in the crowd reaction of “HOLY SHIT ANDRE IS CLIMBING THE ROPES!” and pondered 520 pounds belly flopping onto his opponent.

He probably then thought “oh, right, I might fucking kill the guy.” He thought it in French, though.

[H/T: r/SquaredCircle]