Andrei Kirilenko’s Wife Pretty Much Confirmed He Still Gets One Groupie Hall Pass Each Year

So, close to ten years ago, Andrei Kirilenko’s wife said that her then-Utah Jazz husband had the privilege of one free pass per year to, ummm, you know, do the dirty with another lady that wasn’t her.

When Kirilenko was traded to the Nets, the story again gained a little traction, because we all know how many beautiful women there are in New York City.

Now, as they somehow always manage to do, a TMZ reporter caught up with a retired Kirilenko and his wife, Masha, at an airport to get the low-down on the hall pass arrangement. And, well, it seems it’s still in place – although Masha has a good theory that men will not want things as much if they are given it.

It’s been 10 years since Andrei Kirilenko announced that his wife gave him 1 free sex pass per year to bang a groupie … so when we saw them at LAX Thursday we had to ask — is the offer still good???

The 35-year-old — who retired from the NBA last year — deferred the answer to his wife Masha … who essentially told us AK still gets the green light … but coated it with guilt.

“It’s just up to him if he accepts [the sex pass] or not.”

But the best part of the video is when we ask Masha if the offer goes both ways — and wait’ll you hear what she says.

See that, bros? Fate works both ways. Sure, Andrei is “permitted” to mingle with other females, but the same thing goes for Masha. It’s like the prisoners dilemma, but with extra-marital affairs!

Given the couple have three sons and a daughter, it’s a little hard to imagine they’re not loyally committed to each other. And looking at Masha’s Instagram, why would Andrei even think to chase some other tail!?


[h/t TMZ]