Andrew Luck Wants To Buy The Nerdiest Gadget Once He Signs A Massive New Contract



Former No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck is about to be a really, really, really rich man, as the Indianapolis Colts are set to hand him the richest contract in NFL history at some point soon. And while Luck is a star quarterback who has gone to the playoffs in all three of his healthy years in the league—he was injured for most of his fourth season—he’s not about to splurge on big houses and fancy cars once he gets that money, money.

In fact, Luck wants to buy the dorkiest thing I’ve ever heard an NFL star say he wants to buy, per The Ringer:

The Colts quarterback apparently has difficulty finding folks to play with, because he told The Ringer’s Kevin Clark last week that he eventually wants to shell out some of the money for a ping-pong robot to play against him.

“That’s a good question,” Luck said when asked what he would buy with the money from his future contract extension. “Maybe, like, a robot ping-pong thing that can hit balls back at you. My buddy has one and he swears by it.”

I mean, ping pong is cool and all, but, for fuck’s sake, that’s the one thing he’s looking forward to getting himself?

Let’s not forget that Luck’s also the only 26-year-old I know who still uses a flip phone and takes part in a book club, so it’s not like he’s accustomed to living the lavish lifestyle that you or I would assumed a star QB would.

Still, dude is about to be wiping his ass with $20 bills and all he can think about is a robot ping-pong machine that he can play alone with. To each is own, I suppose.

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