Andrew McCutchen Gave His Batting Gloves To Young Fans And They Lost Their Freakin’ Minds

Critics of baseball are always claiming how the sport is too slow, too boring and too long to capture the hearts of young fans. And while there maybe some truths about those stigmas, baseball does have a clear cut advantage that they need to tap into more than they already do, fan interaction. Baseball is the one sport where you can buy a $25 ticket and go early for batting practice or sit in the field level seats and catch a home run or interact with your favorite player. That is how the MLB should be marketing their game. This clip of Pittsburgh Pirates star outfielder Andrew McCutchen making these two young boys day/week/month/lifetime is a tremendous example.

On Saturday night, the San Diego Padres hosted the Pirates at Petco Park where Pittsburgh came away with the 5-2 win. At the end of the game, these exuberant Pirates fans got the thrill of thrills as they got a souvenir from their favorite baseball player. McCutchen spotted two huge fans and gave them his batting gloves and they went absolutely freaking nuts! They couldn’t contain their happiness and one of the youngsters even screamed, “I love you!”

That is a moment that will be seared into these boys’ hearts and minds for all of their days and your feel-good moment of the day.