Andy Reid Gets Crushed By The Internet For Making An Already Injured Patrick Mahomes Run A QB Sneak On 4th-And-1

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After weeks of playing with nagging injuries it looks like Patrick Mahomes could be out for a bit after he badly injured his knee tonight and many are blaming head coach Andy Reid.

Earlier today it was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs were worried about the QB’s nagging ankle injury that had been bothering him for weeks.

“It is a legit injury,” . “I’ve been told that by multiple people. Andy Reid has talked about how it is bothering Patrick Mahomes and multiple people who know about the injury told me it’s probably worse than most people think it is. Speaking with the Broncos, they’re well aware of it, but at the same time, they said, ‘We can’t think about it at all. With as talented as Patrick Mahomes is, he could probably beat you on one leg and we know the injury is not going to knock him out of the game.’”

Despite the ankle injury Reid still decided to make Mahomes run a QB sneak on 4th-and-1. Mahomes appeared to badly injure his knee on the play.

The Internet immediately crushed Reid for putting an already injured Mahomes in harms way.

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