Angel Hernandez Is Already Getting Roasted During 2022 After Weird Dance, Bad Strike Zone

Angel Hernandez Goes Viral For Wrong Reasons After Bad Call, Dancing

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Major League Baseball has been officially back for less than a week and Angel Hernandez is already causing problems. With the return of America’s favorite pastime came the return of America’s least favorite umpire.

In most instances, it is better that the fans at home don’t consider an umpire a household name. There are very few umpires who are known by serious, casual and non-baseball fans alike.

That list is highlighted by Hernandez for all of the wrong reasons. He is notorious for being one of the worst umpires in the sport. Here are just a few examples why:

At 60 years of age, the veteran umpire began his 31st season in the MLB last week. Now, in just week two, he is already up to his old tricks.

Hernandez was behind the plate for last night’s game between Atlanta and Washington. He was off the mark early and often.

His strike zone was all over the place and inconsistent.

And then, during the eighth inning, he bizarrely got jiggy with it. As a reminder, baseball is not about the umpire— something that Hernandez seemed to have forgotten.

He debuted a strange hand signal to indicate the count. For some reason he swung it around as if he was at a rap concert or trying to imitate the flight of a butterfly.

At the end of the game, his final count for missed calls was truly impressive in the worst way.

It does not look like year 31 is going to be any different for Hernandez. New year, same story.