Angel Reese Asked About Shaq Calling Her The ‘Goat’ And If She Thinks She’s The Greatest

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The last month has been a wild ride for LSU national champion Angel Reese.

Angel Reese and LSU took down Caitlin Clark and Iowa by lighting up the scoreboard, winning 102-85 in Dallas. Angel’s competitive trash talk was the talk of the sports world for days with millions unable to accept that talking trash is a universal component of competitive sports at an elite level.

After all the Angel Reese x Caitlin Clark trash talk discussion died down, there was the White House visit talk and then Shaq threw gasoline on the fire by calling her the ‘greatest LSU athlete of all time.’

Appearing on The Breakfast Club today alongside teammate Flau’jae Johnson, Angel Reese was asked about Shaq’s ‘GOAT’ comments. She says she reached out to Shaq immediately after he called her the GOAT.

Angel says she told Shaq ‘do you know how much pressure you just put on me?’ after he called her the GOAT and to that, Shaq didn’t care at all!

Angel Reese On Shaq Calling Her The LSU ‘GOAT’

During the appearance on The Breakfast Club, Angel Reese did confirm that her team is ‘still going to go’ to the White House. She added that she’s from Maryland and has been to the White House before but never the parts where she ‘can sit down at the table and tap the buzzer.’

Angel Reese called LSU’s upcoming White House visit a ‘one-time opportunity in life.’

Since winning the National Championship, Angel Reese has seen her NIL valuation skyrocket to $1.3 million. That’s been driven, in part, due to a massive influx of new followers across social media.

And speaking of social media, Angel Reese and Flau’jae were asked which ‘short kings’ have slid into their DMs lately. The Breakfast Club crew then specified which ‘congratulations’ they’d received.

Angel was quick to admit that Drake has slid into her DMs recently and so has Future. The hosts cautioned her ‘that’s the one you gotta be careful of,’ referring to Drake.

It is wild to watch these stars also turn into celebrities in real time.

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