Angry Soccer Fan Delivers A+ Rant About The Sad State Of His Team, Is Every Tortured Fan Ever

It’s been a rough start to the English Premier League campaign for the Chelsea Blues through the first eight games. On Saturday, the defending league champions lost (again, for the 4th time) to Southampton 1-3, and played with what the boys are calling “piss-poor form.”

That’s fair enough to say about a team that sits 16th in the table because they’ve managed only two wins through the first 8 games of the EPL season, especially when Blues fans were expecting to be contending for a title repeat.

One Chelsea fan in particular, Louis, is fucking fed up with the state of the team. Sick and tired of the antics he’s seen on the field all season, and the fake supporters, too. And after Saturday’s loss, he was livid.

Delivering an epic post-game rant, Louis mercilessly weighed in on Chelsea’s future, eloquently crucifying Chelsea players Branislav Ivanovic and Cesc Fabregas in the process.

Man, I fucking love this guy. The heart. The passion. He is literally every die-hard sports fan when their team is in the gutter. It’ll get better, Louis…I hope.

[via 100% Chelsea, h/t The Independent]