Anthony Davis Gets Mocked For Saying Lakers Would Have Competed For A Championship If Team Had Stayed Healthy

Anthony Davis

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  • Anthony Davis says he believes the Lakers could have been championship contenders if team had stayed healthy.
  • NBA fans mocked Davis for comments considering how bad the Lakers have been this season.
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Anthony Davis believes the Los Angeles Lakers could have been a force to be reckoned with this season if the team had stayed healthy, but NBA fans don’t agree with him.

After the Lakers’ latest loss to the Nuggets, Davis expressed his frustrations with the team’s season, which has been hampered due to injury.

“We never did all year. I think us three, being me, Bron and Russ, played 15 or 21 games together. We didn’t expect us to have only 21 games together. It’s been that kind of year, either I’m in or he’s in, and the times that we do play together, we look really good…

“It’s been tough, not being able to fully reach our potential as far as us three being on the floor, seeing what we could be but with that being said, we also have enough to win basketball games… We’ll continue to fight this way and give ourselves a chance and we’ll see what happens.”

Davis spoke with Fox Sports and told them that he believed the Lakers, who are currently fighting for a play-in spot, would have competed for the championship if fully healthy for a majority of the season.

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When asked if he thinks the Lakers could’ve won an NBA championship this season if everyone had been healthy, he didn’t hesitate in his response.

“Absolutely,” Davis told FOX Sports, nodding his head emphatically. “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

“I think we could’ve done extremely well,” Davis told FOX Sports. “We’ve got me, Russ, Bron, Melo [Carmelo Anthony], Dwight [Howard], AB [Avery Bradley], Malik [Monk]. We got an extremely good team on both sides of the basketball. But with us not being healthy, we don’t know what this team could’ve been. It looks good on paper and, at times, we do play well.”

NBA fans didn’t agree with Davis’ comments and mocked him for it.