Want To Train Like A Champion? Just Follow Boxing Star Anthony Joshua’s Brutal Workout Regimen

Anthony Joshua Workout Heavyweight Boxing Champion

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If you ever tried a boxing workout then you know just how ridiculously fit athletes like World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua are.

Because no matter what kind of boxing workout you did, it still pales in comparison to what real, professional boxers do to get and stay in top shape.

“Boxing is difficult as it is, so, getting fit is half the battle,” Joshua, 28, told Mens Health. “If you’re fit, you’re in a good place to be and then, all you have to learn is the technical side of it.”

Getting fit, as anyone who follows the 6’6″, 249-pound Joshua on social media knows, is a full-time pursuit for him.

Luckily for anyone aspiring to not only box, but just get in better shape in general, the folks over at Mens Health asked Joshua to go through some of the many workouts he’s posted to Instagram in more detail.

Here’s what he does…

Barbell Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts (RDL)
3 sets of 8 reps

Inverted Hang
2 minutes

Shadowboxing in Sand
5 rounds, 3 minutes each

VO2 Max Testing on Exercise Bike
1 minute increments of speed and incline

Underwater Weight Plate Push
AMRAP across distance of roughly 82 feet

Medicine Ball Wall Blast
AMRAP for 30 seconds

Neck Holds
Hold for as long as possible

Kettlebell Towel-Hang Neck Ups

2x a week

And that’s (part) of how you go 21-0 with 20 knockouts as a heavyweight boxer.

To learn more about Anthony Joshua’s workout and for an explanation of how each one step helps him be successful during a fight, visit MensHealth.com.

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