Video Of Saints Fan Anthony Mackie Showing Unbelievable Restraint With Obnoxious Falcons Fan Goes Viral Again

Marvel Star And Saints Fan Anthony Mackie Showed Unbelievable Restraint With World's Most Obnoxious Atlanta Falcons Fan

Getty Image / Jason Kempin

Marvel star Anthony Mackie was born and raised in New Orleans. Thus he is a lifelong New Orleans Saints fan as it’s a city where it’s almost unheard of for locals to root for teams that aren’t the Saints.

This video was filmed back in 2018 but went viral on the first Sunday of the NFL regular season. The New Orleans Saints were at Mercedes-Benz Stadium where Jameis Winston pulled off an improbable win thanks to a 17-point 4th quarter. And with the Saints in Atlanta, this video from 2018 went viral again showing Anthony Mackie displaying unbelievable restraint against what remains the world’s most obnoxious Atlanta Falcons fan.

Suffice it to say he’s a very recognizable figure. And one Atlanta fan, possibly the most obnoxious Falcons fan in the building, spotted Anthony Mackie and tried to troll him in a video that’s since gone viral.

Marvel star and New Orleans Saints fan Anthony Mackie showed incredible restraint against the world’s most obnoxious Atlanta Falcons fan.

This guy…

As this guy is just screaming ‘rise up’ on repeat, Anthony Mackie hits him with:

“Hey my man, you are disappointing your father. He raised you to be better than this. Be a better man. Be the best man that you can be. Be a better man. You are disrespecting your father. Your father’s sad. He’s crying in his grave, right now. Your father’s sad. Sir, I’m sorry that your sperm turned out to be this.”

That guy had ZERO chill, and clearly never met a celebrity in his life.

Meanwhile, this guy is just screaming ‘RISE UP’ the entire time in Anthony Mackie’s face. And I don’t care what he’s yelling, the fact that he’s antagonizing Anthony Mackie and then screaming over him the entire time reminds me of the people who try to win debates by yelling louder without saying anything of substance.

I think we all need to put Anthony Mackie’s ‘father’ chirp in the back pocket for later:

They make a valid point, he’s the new Cap:

This man’s voice is so grating:

I’m genuinely shocked there wasn’t security pouncing immediately to get this guy away from one of their VIPs:

Anthony Mackie really did handle that interaction brilliantly.

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