Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor Calls Out UFC Star Nate Diaz To A Fight

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Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor wants all the smoke with Nate Diaz.

On Saturday night, Taylor will be boxing Nate Diaz protege Chris Avila, who he beat in an MMA match back in 2020.

Taylor says he was involved in an incident with Diaz after beating Avila at Bellator 238 and he now wants to fight the UFC star.

“I beat Chris Avila, Nate Didn’t like it, I started showboating, Nate ran up on me and swung on me, I swung on Nate, Bellator staff broke it up in the back, ever since then the beef’s been on, me and Nate see other it’s on.”

You tell Nate let’s go if you want these hands let’s get it…if you cocky about it you could tell Dana White right now to sign me, we can take it to the cage

As for Avila, Taylor is confident that he’s going to make quick work of Diaz’s boy.

“Third round TK0”

You can watch Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor face off against Chris Avila on Saturday on Showtime PPV.

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