Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Anthony Richardson Mocks Philadelphia Eagles With Touchdown Celebration

Anthony Richardson

Getty Image / Bryan M. Bennett

Anthony Richardson appears to be one of the most electrifying rookies in this class. But, the Colts quarterback has already started ruffling feathers, pun intended, with his celebration against the Philadelphia Eagles in Thursday’s preseason game.

The fourth overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft has quite the skill set. His tantalizing combination of arm strength and athleticism had many NFL teams believing they could make a star out of what is mostly clay.

Anthony Richardson can absolutely spin it. Take a look at some of his throws from Friday night’s game against the Eagles.

But, after a first-quarter touchdown against Eagles’ backups, he somehow felt it was a good call to mock the Eagles with a celebration.

Why would you do that. Yes, the two teams meet in the regular season usually only once every four years, with the Colts next scheduled to visit Philadelphia in 2026. But, of all the fan bases in sports to not tempt fate with, the Eagles are at the top of the list. These people booed Santa Claus.

You may be thinking ‘Oh, they won’t play for three more years, it will be forgotten by then.’ It won’t be. These people are the kinds that remember slights against the old MLB team the Philadelphia Athletics and still act on it. They’re not going to forget. Anthony Richardson is going to have a rough go of it when they do play in Philadelphia.

The Colts beat the Eagles, 27-13.