Anthony Richardson Reportedly Expected To Meet With 6 Teams Including A Few Surprising Ones

Former Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson

Getty Image / James Gilbert

Near the end of last week, Anthony Richardson took part in his Pro Day and turned the heads of a couple of organizations that currently own top 10 picks in this year’s draft.

Now it looks like he’s going to have a busy schedule meeting with teams in the near future.

According to NFL insider Josina Anderson, Richardson has meetings lined up with the Las Vegas Raiders, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts, and Baltimore Ravens.

The Colts, Ravens, and Raiders were both pretty obvious candidates to meet with Richardson.

The Colts hold the 4th pick, need a quarterback, and could easily have Richardson reach them if the Cardinals don’t trade the 3rd pick.

The Raiders need a QB and could be looking to trade up for pick 3. They were also reportedly impressed by Richardson last week.

The Ravens could be picking early in this draft if somebody else actually signs Lamar Jackson.

The rest of the teams on the list are more surprising.

Seeing the Carolina Panthers take Richardson at 1 when they probably could have traded to 3 and taken him instead would be shocking. The franchise is also believed to be just about set on CJ Stroud even if some of their players want Bryce Young.

The Atlanta Falcons used Desmond Ridder as their excuse to not pursue Lamar Jackson, which would make it a very strange move to suddenly decide that Richardson is a better option for them than Ridder.

The Tennessee Titans are the most surprising meeting as they currently have Ryan Tannehill at quarterback and have the 11th pick. They would need to offer up something big to move up to take Richardson. It would be a big swing on a quarterback that has some question marks and who wouldn’t have much around him early in his career.

Still, even with some of these teams looking like questionable options, it looks like Anthony Richardson is going to have a pretty strong market heading into the NFL Draft.