Antonio Brown Accidentally Posts His Bank Account Info On Twitter While Trying To Expose Tom Brady’s Trainer

Antonio Brown

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  • Antonio Brown released text messages with Tom Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero while accusing Guerrero of trying to scam him out of $100k
  • Brown accidentally posts his own bank account info to the public in the leaked text messages with Guerrero
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Antonio Brown was busy on Thursday morning trying to expose people, but unfortunately, he may have made a costly mistake while doing so.

At 8 am, Brown released text messages with Bucs head coach Bruce Arians in which they talk about his injury before Sunday’s game against the jets.

Brown would later release text messages with Tom Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero in which he accuses Guerrero of trying to charge $100k for “doing no work” on him. Brown accidentally posted his bank account information on Twitter in his leaked text messages with Guerrero.

Antonio Brown

Brown eventually deleted the tweet when he noticed his mistake but got immediately mocked by fans.