Antonio Brown’s Fiancee Chelsie Rips Instagram Model To Shreds Over Comment After Brown Was Photo’d With Another Woman

  • Antonio Brown was reportedly seen at the beach with Instagram model Cydney Moreau over the weekend despite having a fiancee
  • Instagram model Caroline LaCagnina appeared to mock Brown’s fiancee Chelsea Khryiss in the comments section of a gossip page which set Khryiss off
  • Khryiss accused LaCagnina of being a home wrecker who hooked up with Brown for free in scathing response
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Antonio Brown’s fiancee Chelsie Kyriss is not in the mood to put up with people taking shots at her on the Internet.

Back in March 2020, Brown proposed to the mother of his children despite their tumultuous history together that includes many visits from the police to their house.

A little over a year after Brown’s proposal it appears that their relationship is over after the NFL wide receiver was allegedly spotted at the beach with Instagram model Cydney Moreau.

Instagram model Caroline LaCagnina went on to comment “COMEDY” in a post on a gossip page about Brown leaving Kryiss which set Chelsie off.

In a scathing response, Chelsie blasted Caroline for having once hooked up with Brown at his gym and sucked his d*ck for free while knowing that he had a fiancee and kids at home.

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