Arizona Looks Set To Go To Big 12, Arizona State Likely To Follow

Arizona football

Getty Image / Christopher Hock

Conference realignment in college athletics has reached a fever pitch in the last ten days. And, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Of course, this round of realignment really started two years ago when Texas and Oklahoma announced that they would be jumping from the Big 12 to the SEC. That sent everyone scrambling. And, when USC and UCLA bolted the PAC 12 for the Big Ten last summer, the game of musical chairs was truly on.

Those four teams, which will start play in their respective leagues in 2024, were four of the biggest prizes available outside of the Big Ten and SEC, the two leagues driving conference realignment. But, there were still a lot of prizes out there for those two conferences, as well as the Big 12.

And, the Big 12 has come out swinging. Commissioner Brent Yormark has basically saved the conference since taking over last September. He agreed to a modest, but passable, media deal. And, he helped poach Colorado from the PAC 12 last week.

He pivoted his sights to Arizona, who obviously wants to get out of a PAC 12 that is the Titanic just after midnight. After almost a year And, now, it seems like Arizona to the Big 12 is happening following meetings by both the Big 12 and the Arizona Board of Regents today.

And, the next step for the Big 12 is to take Arizona State and Utah, which will get them to 16 teams.

Stay tuned to BroBible for all conference realignment needs. Friday is setting up to be a pivotal day.