Astros Fan Had To Be Escorted From His Seat By Security After Yankees Fans Threw Beer And Popcorn At His Face

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Yankees fans have been under fire during this offseason for their behavior and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to change despite all negative press coverage.

Just last week, Astros manager AJ Hinch threatened to pull his team off the field because rowdy Yankees fans kept throwing bottles on the field.

Then during game 4 of the ALCS a Yankees fan was ejected from the game for mocking Astros pitcher Zack Grienke’s battle with anxiety and depression.

Via NY Post

One fan reportedly was ejected from the Stadium before Game 4 of the ALCS after taunting Astros starter Zack Greinke over his battles with depression and social anxiety disorder, which the 35-year-old Greinke was diagnosed with in 2006.

The man was escorted out by police as Greinke warmed up in the bullpen, according to According to the report, he was just one of the fans taking shots at Greinke over his depression issues

Now we have another incident where an Astros fan had to be escorted from his seat by security because Yankees fans kept berating him and throwing beer in his face.

Update: Apparently the Yankees organization gave the Astros fan and his friends better seats after they had popcorn and beer thrown in their faces.