Athletics Fans Planning A ‘Reverse Boycott’ To Stick It To Ownership

Oakland Athletics logo

Getty Image / Jason O. Watson

It’s no secret the Oakland Athletics have struggled over the years. They’re routinely one of the worst teams in baseball and fans are tired of it.

Rumors have circulated for a while that the club could move to Las Vegas as a way to generate better ticket sales.

However, Athletics fans don’t believe they’re the problem. For that reason, they’re conducting a reverse boycott to stick it to ownership.

Stu Clary, an A’s fan, tweeted out a plan for fans to pack the coliseum on a weekday night game.

And from the sounds of it, his fellow Athletics fans are fully on board.

This is a genius plan for Athletics fans to actually prove they exist. If they can pack the stadium on a Tuesday night at Stu Clary’s command, then one could argue this is a die-hard fanbase.

Ownership might have to take a long hard look in the mirror. Which might do some good, as the roster barely meets MLB standards. Additionally, the stadium is out of date, which also doesn’t bode well for the team in general.

Simply acquiring a better team would do the Athletics wonders. If this team could actually compete, fans would probably be more willing to attend games.

Shoutout to Athletics fans for actually stepping up and attempting to help the owners realize a change must be made. I’m certainly in their corner and hope the reverse boycott works like a charm.