Aussie Soccer Chairman Eats It, Falls Off Stage During Title Trophy Presentation

by 5 years ago

Yeah, I’m sure this is totally not the way that FFA Chairman, Frank Lowy, envisioned his role in handing out the trophy to the winners of Australia’s A-League Grand Final match over the weekend would play out at all.

My first reaction was seriously, “Is he dead!?” I mean, people don’t just land on their heads like that and get up and walk away. Especially at Lowy’s age.

Getty Images photographer, Robert Prezioso, was on-site at the championship celebrations, and captured a pretty wild stream of pictures the very moment the Football Federation of Australia Chairman lost his balance.

And Robert Cianflone captured Lowy’s the impact like whoa.

Is it me, or is that the same face Howard Dean made screaming, “BYAAAAAAH!

The “Oh shit.” expression on his face is priceless, seeing as he’s okay, because luckily, the 84-year-old Lowy was able to compose himself for a minute after the tumble, and rejoined the stage to congratulate the Melbourne Victory on their triumphant 3-0 win over Sydney FC.

Is there anything worse you can do as the center of attention for 30,000 on-looking soccer fans? I’d be hard-pressed to say so. It’s a good thing Frank Lowy is one of Australia’s richest men, because he’ll probably need to enlist the services of a really good chiropractor after this one.

h/t Awful Announcing, Football Collective