Austin Nola Gets Better Of Aaron In Padres-Phillies Showdown And Dad Is Not Thrilled

Austin Nola & Aaron Nola's Dad Isn't Thrilled During Padres-Philles Game

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  • Friday’s Padres-Phillies game featured a brotherly showdown between Austin and Aaron.
  • Austin drove in the go-ahead run against his brother, Aaron.
  • Dad was unhappy with the scene unfolding as it did.

The San Diego Padres and Philadelphia Phillies game featured a literal brotherly showdown on Friday night. Aaron Nola took the mound for the Phillies, and Austin Nola got the start behind the plate for San Diego in a remarkable moment for the Nola family.

Early in the game, Aaron struck out his brother on a nasty pitch, earning a shoutout from the Pitching Ninja.

Well, things got even more awkward in the bottom of the sixth inning. Austin came up to the plate and smacked a single to right field, driving in Eric Hosmer and breaking the scoreless tie in a fantastic pitcher’s duel.

What an incredible moment for the Nola family. Sure, you want both of them to succeed, and we can’t take away from Aaron’s terrific outing. He went seven innings, giving up just that one run on seven scattered hits and striking out 10 Padres hitters.

But, the dad’s reaction is priceless — apparently, he wasn’t too thrilled with Austin’s go-ahead bloop.

Dad Was Not Happy As Austin Nola Spoiled The Family Battle

Austin stood patient and outdueled his brother, a moment they will remember forever. But, the dad was not happy and was seen wearing a Phillies jersey.

Let’s also give some credit to the camera crew for the quick flash to the Nola family in the stands.

The Padres wound up getting the victory, and that was the only run scored all game. So, Austin got the better of Aaron in the Nola Showdown for now.